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  HAND PALLET TRUCK R-1 The R-1 is the ideal entry model for anyone who wants to experience the advantages of mobile weighing. The R-1 offers a weight indication in 5 kg steps, with a tolerance of ± 20 kg.

The new generation R-1 is the completely renewed and strongly improved successor of the LIST-concept, first introduced in 2004. LIST, Load Indication System, is an owned patented principle of an indicative weighing system mounted on a standard pallet truck. In other pallet truck scales parts are mounted in the pallet truck forks. Since there are no components installed in the forks of a R-1, the pallet truck scale is virtually indestructible.

This also makes it suitable for very rough applications. There are no changes at all to the pallet truck forks, which retain their original dimensions. This guarantees easy entrance into low or closed pallets
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