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  TRANSFORMATION KIT You can get a fully electronic functioning through this Transformation Kit in a fraction of the cost of a new scale. The Transformation Kit is designed to transform an existing mechanical scale on a fully electronic scale to weigh vehicles.

Designed for a fast installation without removing the platform or reconfiguring the pit, the conversion kit can be installed often in a matter of days, minimizing downtime. This ease of installation is important when considering installations where it is not possible to completely remove the existing scale.

Each kit consists of the following materials:

  • 1 Weight Indicator Alphanumeric with Printer.
  • 4, 6, 8 or 10 Load cells (depending on the length of the scale).
  • Supports for load cells.
  • Earth patch cords to prevent overvoltage.
  • Junction box for load cells.
  • Connection cable from the juction box to the indicator.
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