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  • Labeler configurable, made ​​of stainless steel to connect to PC, balance weight or a platform.
  • It has backlit LCD display.
  • The Legal Metrology will depend on the scope and the step.
  • Articles: 1000 PLUS
  • Direct PLUS: 30x2
  • Information associated to the PLU: code, text, price, up to 15 ingredients, expiration day, associated label format, the associated code (weight or not), associated texts.
  • Label formats: User programmable up to the maximum memory capacity.
  • Size of labels: up to 60 mm wide and 100 mm long.
  • Type of printing: direct thermal.
  • Print Resolution: 8 dots / mm (448 dots / line).
  • Speed and print quality: programmable up to 125 mm / s.
  • Counters: internal, external (at the time of printing), daily and Julian days.
  • Fonts: 15 scalable formats in height and width.
  • Bitmaps: until the maximum memory capacity.
  • List of ingredients: editable by the user.
  • Lots: 10 lots of 10 products with total and three levels of programmable format.
  • Total Levels: 4, total PLU, box, pallet and item programmable format.
  • Print Modes: normal and reception.
  • Paper Modes: mode continuous paper and mode labels.
  • ETHERNET connection: for recording of the machine and for data capture.
  • Communication with scale: programmable frame.
  • Software for Label design and for management: for label design, programming and control of the labeler printer.
  • Label cassette for rapid charging.
  • Three types of listings: PLUs, PLU movements and ingredients.
  • Repeat last printed label.
  • Copy formats for quick editing of labels.
  • Voltage 110 / 220VAC.
  • 40W peak consumption.
  • Operating temperature -10 º C/40 º C.
  • Operating Humidity: 20% / 85% RH
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